Office Policies

Initial Consultations

Cullen Palmer Law Office PLLC will charge you for your initial consultation unless your lawyer determines that the consultation will be included in a fixed fee arrangement. The fees for initial consultations are otherwise based on the amount of time you spend with your lawyer and any time your lawyer has spent in preparing for the consultation. You should bring all documents relevant to the matter you wish to discuss with you to your initial consultation.

If you dropped off, mailed, emailed or faxed documents and information prior to your initial appointment, you should be aware that your lawyer may not have been able to schedule time to review the information in detail prior to your consultation. If you should miss your appointment without rescheduling it, your documents will be available for pick-up for one month.

You will be asked to pay before you leave unless you make other arrangements with your lawyer at the beginning of your initial consultation.

You may also call the office to arrange an initial consultation by telephone.

Methods of Payment

In addition to cash and personal checks, our firm accepts VISA, Mastercard, and Discover.

Billing Statements

Except for fixed fee cases, billing statements will be sent usually monthly. Upon receipt of a billing statement, payment in full is due immediately unless other arrangements have been made with your lawyer. Interest will be charged at the rate of 12% per annum on past due accounts.

Cullen Palmer Law Office PLLC reserves the right to cease work or withdraw from a case if payment is unduly delayed.

Fixed Fees

Cullen Palmer Law Office PLLC offers fixed fee arrangements for certain business formation matters, will and estate planning packages and probate. Your lawyer will discuss these with you at your initial consultation if appropriate.


In many instances and particularly in litigation cases, you may be asked to make an advance deposit against future fees and costs. Advance deposits will be placed in the firm’s trust account and be paid to the firm as set forth in your fee agreement with the firm.

Contingency Fees

Cullen Palmer Law Office PLLC does not accept contingency fee cases.